What to Look for in a Primary Care Doctor

Are you looking for a primary care doctor? Are you confused about why you even need a primary care doctor in the first place? Primary care covers everything from the flu, chronic pain, to diseases and infections, in patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Michael Hamm, DO, is a primary care doctor at ERgent in Brunswick and St. Simon, Georgia, who sees children and adults, men and women. He offers compassionate and comprehensive care, regardless of your medical needs.

Why you need a primary care physician

Primary care integrates a wide spectrum of services, from women’s healthcare to behavioral, mental, and specialty care. They’re usually the first ones to recognize the signs of potentially harmful, if not fatal, diseases like cancer or diabetes. If they cannot provide the specialty care you require, they can direct you to someone who can—and who can do it well.

The relationship you develop with your primary care physician is more personal and long-term than what you get in a faster setting like Urgent Care. This relationship is especially important if you have a chronic condition that requires constant care. A physician who understands your needs, and knows your complete medical history is better equipped to treat you.

Primary care ensures the ultimate health and wellbeing for optimum performance in work, education, and relationships with others. When everyone is healthy and feeling good, the world functions better.

What to expect from primary care

When you schedule an appointment, Dr. Hamm will discuss your symptoms and medical history, as well as evaluate your lifestyle and wellness goals. Patients with chronic illnesses will be treated with compassion as we develop a plan for managing your symptoms to live a full, healthy life.

Ultimately, primary care is necessary for optimal health. A primary care physician like Dr. Hamm is essentially your “go-to” for any of your medical concerns, as well as a source of education about conditions you already have. If your condition becomes complex enough to require a specialist, Dr. Hamm will provide necessary referrals. He can also assist you in making complicated medical decisions, if necessary.

Learn more about primary care

If you are in the market for a new primary care physician, look no further than Dr. Hamm at ERgent. You can schedule an appointment at the Brunswick location by calling 912-264-1883, or the St Simon’s location by calling 912-434-9316. We look forward to hearing from you.

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